Why Our Customers LOVE Ordering Online From Custom Amenities.

Since Custom Amenities first launched online ordering in 2013, this easy and convenient method of buying your hotel amenities has proved so popular that today a large level of Custom Amenities’ business is done online. But if you still prefer to use the telephone, don’t worry – we have absolutely no plans to phase out telephone ordering.

However, you might like to try out our website too, just to see how simple and efficient it really is.

Here are the top 10 reasons our customers love online ordering:

  • Special Offers.Log on to our homepage regularly, and you’ll see we’re constantly offering specials which you can take advantage of on all sorts of different products. And if you sign up for our regular emails, you’ll receive notifications of all the latest offers straight to your inbox.

  • Saved Shopping Lists.You don’t have to complete your online order all in one go. Just log on and add items to your shopping cart whenever you think of them, and then complete and place the order when you’re ready. 

  • Free Shipping over $400. You asked, and we delivered! Custom Amenities offers FREE Shipping on orders over $400.00. Stock up in bulk and take advantage of the savings.
  • 24 Hour Shopping.We’re open even when we’re closed, so you can order supplies in the middle of the night, on Sunday morning, anytime that suits you.
  • Convenience.With online ordering, there’s no driving to the wholesalers, or even sitting on the phone with a long shopping list beside you. Just a few clicks, and next thing you know the whole order is right there on your doorstep.
  • Eco Friendly.Ordering online is greener than visiting a store because it saves all the energy involved in running a shop, transporting goods to the shop from a central warehouse, and then the customer driving to the shop. We have one single distribution warehouse, where your goods are sent direct to you.
  • Small, Local and Canadian.When you buy from Custom Amenities, you’re supporting a small independent business. Over 57 years we’ve grown to become one of Canada’s most reliable sources for hotel toiletries and supplies; and that’s largely thanks to loyal customers who come back again and again.
  • Big Capabilities.We supply everyone from small B&B’s to corporate hotels, from coast to coast and every prairie in between. Custom Amenities has the experience, systems and infrastructure to handle the demands of the largest international hotel chains, and we have developed strong relationships with our contacts across Canada to ensure that we give first class planning and management of all activities involved in sourcing, procurement, and logistics management. Order online from your central Head Office, and we’ll manage all your delivery distribution, times and frequency for you.
  • Live Chat.While you’re ordering online, you can message one of our Customer Services team any time you need extra information or help.
  • Blog.While you’re on our website, explore the Custom Amenities Blog. You’ll find all sorts of useful information here, from industry insights to cleaning tips, along with a healthy dose of light entertainment too.
We’re proud of the ease and efficiency that our online service offers, so if you’ve never tried it before, why not place your first online order today?

    -Team Custom 

    Posted by Bold Apps on 18 April, 2018
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