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BIC Guest Pens 

Pens are one of the most economical marketing tools available. Our custom print pens can cost as low as .58 cents each, providing a low-cost way to market a business or organization.  Furthermore, pens are useful and likely to be kept.

For this reason, we have sourced the BEST economical options and are proud to offer the world leader in writing instruments, BIC.  Since its beginnings in 1950, they’ve been the # 1 pen in guest satisfaction.

Why? Because they simply work and continue to work well after the competition stops. 

We keep it simple with two great styles: BIC Stic and BIC Clic in a huge selection of body colours and matching imprint colors choices, that will certainly leave a great lasting impression. 

Ordering is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 - 4


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