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Your Hotel has its own unique identity, from your special services, to your relationship with your guests. Now you can build on your most precious asset ~Your Name~ by creating your own personal guest toiletries product line. Custom Amenities Inc offers a full selection of salon grade liquids and french milled vegetable crafted soaps that can each be personalized with your logo, message and colors. Once your selections have been made, our specialized product consultant team member will work with you to determine reasonable order quantities, graphic imprint options and a delivery time line that will meet and exceed your high expectations. 

Custom Printed Guest Amenities Tilted Coin Collection

Bottle Selection

Offering 6 unique bottle designs with our salon grade liquids  that you can tailor with your logo and message.

Soap Selection

6 great style selections for you logoed guest soaps.  From pearlized pleat wrap to clear cello wrap, to a real cool glycerine leaf bar. All made using our vegetable based blend that your guest will love.

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