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Introducing TRUe by Eco Sciences

 Fragrance Free

Get to know TRUe by Eco sciences - our very first fragrance free in- stock guest amenities line. We have worked hard to formulate our TRUe hotel guest amenities with the following ethos: no additives, no colors, no fragrance and no nonsense. Our TRUe collection features amber tinted, soft touch bottles with flip-top caps and flow wrap luxury soaps.  This collection is a true winner to balance and flatter any décor and leave your guests impressed.

Soft Touch Tubes

Our TRUe products stay on track with our ‘Beyond The Ordinary’ approach and offers an exceptional selection of scent free hotel toiletries that includes: travel size hotel shampoo, nourishing conditioner, moisturizing lotion and foaming shower gel. All our spa quality creams and gels in our True and eco sustainable hotel toiletries set is fashioned in our distinguished amber tinted squeeze bottles –complimented with the convenient flip cap for countless uses – a true winner to balance and flatter any décor and leave your guests impressed.

French Milled Guest Room Soaps

Our True line of hotel bath amenities continues with 3 refreshing options of gentle French milled vegetable based perfume free hotel soaps. This paraben free guest amenity soap line is made with natural ingredients, will moisturize and exfoliate while the luxurious glycerin bar is soothing, high performing, and sure to pamper your guests during their stay.

The soaps offered in this series of guest room toiletries consist of our ever-popular top-quality glycerin leaf bar, 30g facial bar and 35g luxurious massage bar.

Always keeping Custom Amenities promise for exceptional quality at the forefront- all our hotel bath soap bars are packaged in our tinted soft touch pillow wrapper that guarantees a fresh bar every time!

Hotel Soap TRUe Massage Bar 35g

Hotel Soap TRUe Facial Bar 30g


Hotel Soap Glycerine Leaf Bar 30g

Extra Care...

Our True wholesale hotel guest amenities line is also accompanied with our hotel accessories and overnight guest products featuring our shower cap (with display back stand), moisturizing Lip Balm and a jar of our luxurious bath salts – ideal for soothing away the jet-lag. Without question, this remarkable and truly unique wholesale hotel soap and toiletry accessories line guarantees a note worthy experience that your guests are going to rave about!


"Nice display back stand and pretty good quality. Seems more durable than the ones we ordered from a previous supplier."

Kip Regan

"The ordering, pricing, delivery and quality were perfect. I could not have asked for better! Ordering blind with a new-to-us company is very scary. Over the past 12 years we have come across some very bad products, and less than reputable companies. It’s nice to finally have one I can count on. Thanks Custom! You've certainly earned my business." 

Lori Park

"Great line for our men's retreat in the lower mainland! Thumbs up!"

Sascha Pensacoli 

Custom Amenities Inc


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