Custom Printed 25g Shell Soap (Note: 1 case = 100 pcs) .98 each or less.

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A great way to showcase your property, while giving your guests something to remember you by is our beautiful Custom Printed 25 g Shell Soaps.

Crafted using 100% vegetable-based spa quality formulations, and the calming aroma of tranquil Green Tea, these Custom Printed Shell Soaps offer a beautiful distinctive design that allows your brand or logo to be showcased and leave that lasting impression of care for your guests. Individually wrapped to ensure a fresh lathering bar, each and every time. 

No art, plate or setup charges. No Surprises!


Formula: 100% Vegetable Base

Fragrance: Green Tea

Size: 25 g

Bulk Case Pack: 200

Guest Room Supplies That Are Beyond The Ordinary

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