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Custom Amenities Inc.: Elevating Hospitality Experiences Since 1961

In the world of hospitality, the importance of a guest's experience cannot be overstated. The finer details, often overlooked, can make all the difference in creating lasting memories. Custom Amenities Inc. has been serving the hotel, vacation rental, and hospitality industry since 1961, providing a wide range of high-quality products designed to enhance every guest's stay. From hotel toiletries to Airbnb essentials, our offerings cater to every need and help establishments put their best foot forward.

A Legacy of Excellence

Established in 1961, Custom Amenities Inc. has stood the test of time as a reliable supplier to the hospitality industry in Canada. Over the decades, we have honed our expertise, becoming a trusted partner for businesses aiming to exceed guest expectations. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has remained unwavering.

An Array of Offerings

Custom Amenities Inc. takes pride in offering a comprehensive range of products, ensuring that the hotel, vacation rental, and hospitality establishments are equipped with the essentials that will leave a lasting impression on their guests. From hotel amenities and guest toiletries to vacation rental supplies and Airbnb toiletry essentials, we have it all.


Hotel Toiletries and Guest Supplies

Our hotel toiletries, including Airbnb shampoo, vacation home toiletries, and luxury hotel toiletries, are designed with the utmost care to ensure guests enjoy a comfortable and convenient stay. These products not only meet the highest standards of quality but also provide a touch of luxury that guests will appreciate.


Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Choices

In a world increasingly conscious of environmental impact, Custom Amenities Inc. has responded with a selection of eco-friendly hotel amenities and sustainable guest supplies. We understand the importance of making responsible choices and offer options that cater to the eco-conscious traveler.


Bulk Hotel Toiletries and Dispenser Bulk Soap

For those looking to streamline their operations and reduce waste, our bulk hotel toiletries and dispenser bulk soap solutions are ideal. By reducing packaging and waste, you can enhance your guests' experience while also contributing to a greener planet.

Canadian Vacation Rental Amenities and Airbnb Host Supplies

Canada's tourism industry is flourishing, and Custom Amenities Inc. is proud to support it by providing Canadian hotel supplies and Canadian Airbnb essentials. Our products are tailored to the unique needs of this beautiful country, helping businesses meet the expectations of both domestic and international guests.


Toiletry Kits for Guests and Vacation Property Toiletries

Custom Amenities Inc. also offers an array of toiletry kits for guests, making it easier for establishments to offer everything their guests may need in one convenient package. For vacation property owners, our vacation property toiletries ensure that guests feel welcomed and well-cared for during their stay. 


Enhancing Guest Experiences in Canada

Custom Amenities Inc. recognizes that hospitality is not just about providing a place to stay but about creating memorable experiences. As a trusted supplier of hotel amenities Canada-wide, we are committed to helping establishments raise the bar in their service standards and create unforgettable moments for their guests.

In conclusion, Custom Amenities Inc. has been a proud partner to the hotel, vacation rental, and hospitality industry for over six decades. With our wide range of offerings, we enable businesses to provide a higher level of service, from Canadian hotel supplies to bulk hotel toiletries and everything in between. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to helping our clients exceed their guests' expectations and continue to be a reliable source for all their hospitality needs.

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Serving the Hospitality Industry Since 1961

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