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A quick introduction:

Custom Amenities Inc draws from a vast history of manufacturing and supplying guest care products that all started over 55 years ago with a dream and a vision from an industry pioneer by the name of Casey Hansum.
Trained by the largest cosmetic companies in the World, Mr Hansum knew that by offering high quality products and industry leading customer service, CAI would develope into the well known Hospitality supply company it has become today.

One of the many sayings that Mr Hansum would repeat that resonates in all of our memories is “We must exceed our customers high standards by offering high quality products at a great price, While still maintaining unparalleled custom service.”.
And today this is still one of our main philosophies.

We do this by:

· Employing professional customer service representatives to evaluate the specific needs of our customers.
· Using spa quality products in all of our formulations.
· Carrying large inventories, so as to ensure our customers receive their product, on time, every time.

We offer a complete line of  in-stock hotel guest amenities that include:

Hotel shampoo      Hotel conditioner      Hotel Bath gel      Hotel lotion      Hotel soaps      Hotel Shower caps      Hotel Sewing Kits      Hotel shoe mitts      Hotel toothpaste      Hotel toothbrush..........and the list just goes on and on.
Our in-stock hotel guest bath amenities cover a wide variety of designs and fragrances (and non-fragranced) that
will meet and exceed your guests expectations.

The Environment

As we all know, the environment is becoming a major concern for all of us, and that is why Custom Amenities Inc. has partnered with several companies from across the globe to bring you the latest in environmental packaging solutions for our hotel bath amenities including:
* Post consumer recycled materials
* Products printed with FDA approved soy inks.
* Crafted palm oil soap toiletries.
* Biodegradable packaging
* Limited use of preservatives
* We do no use parabens in any of our product lines

All products are manufactured under strict environmental practices including the following:

*ISO 13485 : Global Medical manufacturing certificate,
*GMPC Good Manufacturing practices: Cosmetics. US FDA certified.
*Green Mark Certification. Environmental manufacturing activities.
*ISO 14001 Management systems standard
*Ecocert Certification.
*USFDA Soy ink registered user.
*ISO 9001: Quality management Systems certification.
These certifications and initiatives are a testament to our commitment to sustainability, the environment and to our customers.
Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, and should you have any questions, or comments, do not hesitate
to call or email us anytime.



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